Sunday, October 24, 2010

First time at Pulau Ketam

Went to Pulau Ketam for food and photo shooting during the previous semester break with buch of my course mates.... for 23 years I lived, I never been there before although Pulau Ketam placed very near with my town, Klang......

Picture say more than thousand words, enjoy the photos~~~!! hahaa

I took train to Port Klang for my boat ride

At the Port Klang (Klang Harbor) where we ride to Pulau Ketam with speed boat

The speed boat we ride

After 30 minutes, we reached the Pulau Ketam Jetty

One of the inn in Pulau Ketam, but we did not overnight there

Like its name Pulau Ketam (Crab Island), this island do full of red crabs

The road at Pulau Ketam

One of the Chinese temple at Pulau Ketam

Besides than crab, Pulau Ketam do have lots of cat too

Our little tour guide

Souvenir that sold over there, dried seafood products

Boats, the life earning tools for the peoples in Pulau Ketam


Some "never seen before" bird

Big crab !

The famous nasi lemak Pulau Ketam

Oyster with egg

Gong Pau He Goh (don't know the exact English name for this dish)

Steamed crab

Gam Heong Crab (cook with curry leaf and some spicy source)

Fried Ice Cream

I ate 2 of this fried ice cream

Big Finger Star

And smelly shoe star

emo-ing girls

Enjoying the photos after some crazy action jumping shots

Meet some nice Korean peoples over there also, notice there are 2 peoples in this photo that looks alike?

Pretty enjoy this trip... the photo shooting, the quiet and calm environment, the peoples there, and of course the food ~~~!!

Who want to join me for the next Pulau Ketam trip ???

Friday, September 24, 2010

Thesis Day in Starbucks Again...

Yup, thesis thesis and thesis.... the most attached thing to me for my next and also last semester besides than event ~!! Thesis required my to read more, research more and think more and sure my grey hair will pop out a few in the next few months....

But luckily my thesis supervisor Mr. C and I got a similar habit... we like Starbucks damn lot~! (I think la..) As some of my friends knew that I do like Starbucks coffee and their environment too.. the coffee's aroma filling the whole atmosphere of Starbucks always active my mind like drug (not a coffee addict though~!)

Drinks for the day, Caramel Macchiato

What can be better than a cup of Joe ~!

A laptop and a coffee, quite a workaholic eh ?

Most of the time I will be there with my research partner Yit Phing and together with other groups who also under Mr. C .... So that particular Starbucks will full of our noise discussing on PR role, gender, leadership and blah blah blah...~~! Not to mention we occupied at least 3 tables and 8 chairs inside Starbucks and most of the staff there I'd already knew~~

My research partner Yit Phing a.k.a Melinda

But today was kinda special. I brought my friends who already been alone in her house for almost 3 days and she going to have cabin fever soon.. So I decided to bring her to join our discussion with Mr. C and meet with some friends as well to cure her cabin fever..hahaa~~

Here she is, Christine Tan

After the discussion, we went to the night market with Christine Tan, Weng Yen (friend from other group who also under Mr.C as well) and Lih Yeh (friend of my college gang) to have our dinner there and SNACKSSS~~!

Lih Yeh and her Kuay Teow

Christine Tan with her Kuay Teow

Weng Yen with her Asam Laksa (click her name for her blog)

And finally, my Kuay Teow~~! been not eating since 9am until 7pm night~! (the kuay teow photo just for illustration purpose only, my actualy kuay teow was actually mixed up with Lih Yeh =.=)

Yeah~! Enjoyed alot for today... ate alot too... =.=

Cheers ~~!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Mid Autumn

To all my friends and folks, wish you and your family.... Happy Mid Autumn Festival a.k.a Mooncake Festival, 中秋节快乐 ~~!!

When is your last time playing a lantern (Tang Lung)?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Putrajaya Morning Trip

Actually this suppose to be a trip to Broga Hill, but unfortunately IT RAIN ~~!! my heart drop dead into a deep hollow that fill with nothing but emptiness and loneliness....

After having the most early breakfast near Semenyih, spontaneously we decided to go cycling at Putrajaya Botanical Garden... But when we reach there, due to the public holiday (Hari Raya) the Botanical Garden did not open.

It is like double shocked for those outdoor junkie like me and some of my friends. What to do, again spontaneously again we went to Putrajaya for a walk and some photo shooting. But things became worse when we saw a lot of Malays on their way to the mosque in Putrajaya (a multi millions mosque, pretty huge ya ~?) for their morning prayers since that day was their Hari Raya.

Many Malays taking photos here and there and of course as usual some Malays also like to sit in some corner and do nothing (what we call LEPAK). But what make us most uncomfortable is while I setting up my tripod and camera for group photo, they were teasing there on us. Kinda angry and would likely to give a big SLAP on their face. But it was their Raya and I don't think I able to fight more than ten of them (I'm not Ip Man le..)

But besides than that, we had a great time over there after we move to a less crowded area and shot lots of photos although some of Putrajaya facilities are not well in maintaining.

We done lots of crazy things there

Jumping around ~~!!

Crazy but happy ~!!

Playing with tripod

And shot lots of nice photos too

After Putrajaya, we decided to head to KLCC to visit the books fair happening over there. I like morning driving + holiday because not much cars on the road since many Malays already balik their kampung. Never have such smooth drive on KL road ever ~!

Not much photo after that but really enjoying walking around there. Although the main objective was not able to achieve but still we had a GREAT time over there.

Wished that day never ending~~